I am still on a 15-minute upload limitation (which I am not really working too hard to try to solve, since that keeps my videos nice and short and prevents me from blathering on), so this was a 23-minute video that got compressed into 14:44 minutes, and thus I sound like an auctioneer (and not like a chipmunk, surprisingly).

But it does have something going for it: 1) it’s a video, so you can go back or press pause; 2) it’s also a power point presentation, so my script is largely in the text, but if you want to leave the sound on to hear my every digression, that’s fine with me 🙂

This is material from a lesson I often give as a background to the course, at the start of the course. This is often accompanied by handouts, and can take up to two 90-minute periods. Hopefully, you won’t feel too overwhelmed at the end.