Auctions In Albuquerque — Buyers!

Simply bring a valid ID to any auction and register when you walk through our doors. You’ll receive a Bidder’s Card and Number.

Walk through the inventory looking for those special items.

When the auction begins signal the auctioneer with your Bidder’s Card. Outbid the competition for that great deal! Checkout at any time during the auction.


10% Cash or Check (Checks allowed only with a Bank Letter of Guarantee dated within 7 days of the Sale Date and listing Bid Daddy Auctions as the recipient — No Exceptions)
12% Credit/Debit Cards (2% Convenience Fee)

Example: During the auction you won a nice necklace for your niece with a $5 bid.
At checkout you would pay $5.50 in cash, or $5.60 on your credit card, +tax.
Payment is required in full at the end of the sale.

Note: We do not provide packing materials. If you purchase an item and it requires special care to move or transport, you will have to provide for that.
New Mexico State Law requires us to collect sales tax with every purchase.

If you are a reseller, and wish to not pay sales tax,
you must provide us with a completed tax certificate made out to Bid Daddy Auctions.
We WILL NOT be responsible for paying your taxes for you.