Phoenix Arizona William Schindler, Arizona Republic, 201 West Jefferson on January 13, 2011 William Schindler has Unrebutted Liens which are filed and recorded in Pinal County, Arizona. Mr. Schindler has Affidavit of Default and Notice Of Lien which was filed after he 3 day presentment letter was sent to Nation Star Mortgage, who was the Bank, Quality Loan Service Corporation, the trustee for the foreclosure and Lender Process Services, the auctioneer.
Hal Epperson — the De Jure Governor Republic for Arizona explains the Commercial Admiralty Process on the 4 day presentment letter. Where is the wet ink signature? Demands to show forensic evidence of the accounting, Where did they sustain a loss or actually loan money?
The truth is The Bank never “loaned” any “money” and the The Bank is in Default! The bank must prove that William Schindler owes the bank! With no response, The Bank has No Standing and there is NO Controversy. Hal Epperson – De Jure Governor Republic for Arizona
Jonathan – Lender Process Services. Jonathan is presented with the Lien by William Schindler. Proceeding with the sale will include him and LPS in the lawsuit along with the Bank.Liens were faxed January 12, 2011 Service was presented January 13, 2011 12:05 PM 201 West Jefferson Phoenix, Arizona
Jonathan Arballo Auctioneer – Lender Process Services
William Schindler notifies the bidders of the cloudy title of the property caveat emptor
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