This is a tutorial on how to customize your UI. It doesn’t explain how to use any specific addon, although I would be happy to do so, instead this video seeks to give a general philosophy on how to set up a UI using many addons. I play on a private server, so these addons are for patch 3.3.5, but the basic principles will apply to any patch.

Addons used in alphabetical Order:
Ackis Recipe List – let’s me know which recipes I have/don’t have and where to obtain them.
Atlastloot – let’s me loot at loot tables in game
Auctioneer – Auction house addon
Bagnon – turns all of my bags into one big bag.
Beancounter -tracks item prices
BigWigs – a boss mod very similar to, but in my opinion superior to DBM – developed by Ensidia (arguably the best guild this game has ever seen).
ButtonFacade – changes the appearance of buff and button icons
Chatmod – self explanatory
CLCret – manages paladin FCFS rotation
Enchantrix – tells me what an item disenchants into
Informant – tells me vendor prices
Mapster – map addon
Minimap Button Frame – groups all of my minimap buttons into one place in an organized way.
Move Anything – moves stuff around
Nameplates modifier – lets me customize nameplates
NeedtoKnow – used to keep track of ICD and important procs in order to maximize dps.
Omen – threat meter
OmniCC – helps me keep track of ability cooldowns by adding a numbered countdown on ability buttons
PallyPower – used to manage paladin buffs, seals, righteous fury, auras, and to coordinate these with other paladins who use the addon.
Pitbull – unit frames.
PocketPlot -minimap addon
Postal – mail addon
Prat – another chat addon
Quartz – cast bar addon
Satrina Buff Frames – buff addon – lets me customize their look and placement
Skada – like recount but better and cleaner
SnowfallKeyPress – uses actions when you press not on release – slight dps increase
Stubby – needed for other addons
Sunn – Viewport Art – This addon lets me change the viewport so that I can use space on the bottom of my screen for addons and action bars etc without having to cover up my screen. Better situational awareness this way.
Swatter – error message clean up.
TipTac – tooltip modifier. I can see other player’s guild rank and talents via mouse-over.
Titanpanel – lets me keep track of latency, gold, repair, location etc on a small bar at the top of my screen.
ToolTipTabs – lets me look at many items at once.

UPDATE: Some of this is out of date, that is to say that I’ve changed the UI a bit. I’ve made it available for anyone to use. You’ll need to make sure you have the right addons selected. The interface folder has all the addons I use across multiple toons, not just my paladin.