Facebook Ad Tips – Image Text Check

Facebook ads can be somewhat of a nightmare when you can’t figure out why something affects your ads performance. In this post we will have a look at facebook’s image rules and how you can see the affect text on your images has on ads.

The Tool:

Example of the tool in action

Are you creating images for your facebook ads and then see there is to much text on the image?

Only to have facebook tell you the ad may not be as effective.
Don’t worry you’re not alone.
Facebook has a wonderful free tool you can use to check your image before you upload it for ad use: Facebook Ad Overlay Tool
How it works:
You upload your image and facebook will judge the image. Showing you how your text affects your ad performance.
Facebook doesn’t like images to have more than 20% text on ads. By having Facebook judge your image before you create your ad you will save time and money when you publish your advertisement.
There are a few exemptions to the 20% rule and you can read them here: More info on Facebook ads

Choosing an image:

By keeping your text at a minimum on your images you will increase your ads performance (reach) and will ultimately save you money. The image itself is the most important element in your facebook ad, so don’t cover it up with text.
The image you choose is also important.
You don’t want to use an image of a sink to advertise a car auction.
Whatever the most valuable, prevalent, or odd item in the auction is the one you want to choose to advertise. Remember when people are scrolling through the news feed on facebook you want to grab their attention.
An image that is clear, colorful, and engaging will make them take notice.
The image is like a stop sign to the brain. (lol)

The Result:

While no one can predict the future, it is known that paying close attention to your image and text in your advertisement will increase performance. There are many reasons why an ad may not perform well on facebook and your image plays a big role.

Listing your auctions:

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