Fast Talking Podcast – Review

Andy Imholte, is a second-generation auctioneer who has worked inside and outside the auction business all his life. With a degree in marketing and graphic design, his unique perspective.. (Read More On His About Page)


I have been catching up on Andy’s Podcast the last few days in preparation of writing this review.

While there are many different types of podcasts and video blogs covering some part or aspect of the auction industry, few in my opinion carry enough useful information to keep the audience involved and interested. Seems most are trying to only cover the business they provide and not much more.

Learning and trying to get into the auction business isn’t an easy thing to do, and finding useful information on getting there seems even harder. I must confess I am not an auctioneer, (yet). I just really like the whole auction vibe, the environment, and the people. The people are amazing, I have met some of the nicest human beings at auctions and well of course a few odd ones but hey we can’t all be the same. Right?

Back to the podcast, Sorry got side tracked.

If you haven’t tuned in and listened to an episode of the Fast Talking Podcast, I must encourage you to go now and I mean now, on second thought finish reading the review and then go. But in all seriousness in my humble opinion you might want to check it out. He brings an insight into the inner workings of the auction industry mixed with real guests who are involved in just about every aspect of the industry. From marketing to legal he has created a nice sounding and interesting podcast carrying information to you that is useful and entertaining.

All the podcasts will play from the Fast Talking Podcast site or you can subscribe to them, more information on subscribing to the podcast can be found on the site as well.

In closing I highly recommend anyone from any level in the auction industry,  to visit and listen to the Fast Talking Podcast  I think you will really enjoy it.

Thanks for reading this review and if you have any ideas for my next review let me know.

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