Welcome to another banpei video!

I’m going to explain how to buy car stuff from Yahoo Auctions and I’ll do that in a three part series of videos. I’m going to use a man-in-the-middle, also known as proxy, to bid, buy and ship my goods. The video itself became longer than I thought it would be, but I’m going through each and every step thoroughly.

Steps of buying at a proxy will be as following:
1. Bidding
2. Winning (a must! 😛 )
3. Domestic shipping to the proxy
4. International shipping from the proxy to you
5. Arrival of the goods

Today’s video will be step one: searching, paying a deposit at the proxy, bidding, winning (yes, I’m a winner!) and set the shipping instructions. The next video will cover the domestic shipping, arrival at the proxy and then the international shipping to me. The last video will cover the unboxing of the goods. This video series should give you a good indication on how long things will take when you are buying from Yahoo Auctions.